Space Shark Studios
Based in Columbia, Missouri

Release date:
Summer, 2018

PC / Mac


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You're the star in this VR serial about TV, ego, and chasing ratings. As the star in an over-produced, under-funded TV show, it's your job to follow your director's whims, no matter how bad his ideas. What's popular right now? Zombies, of course! Jump on the band wagon and hope we get renewed for a second season!


Continuation of a short VR project created for CoMo Game Jam III.


  • Become the lead actor/actress in an upcoming zombie thriller TV series!
  • Follow (or ignore) cues from your over-excitable, possibly coke-addled, director through 3 "harrowing" episodes!
  • Hang out with the rest of the crew during union-enforced lunch breaks
  • "Shoot" "zombies"
  • Review scripts in your definitely-not-from-the-80s lead actor's trailer!


Pre-Alpha Announcement Trailer YouTube


Trailer Exterior 2.png
Episode 1 Scene 1.png
Title Vertical.png
Title Horizontal.png
Episode 1 Scene 3.png
Trailer Interior.png
Episode 1 Scene 2.png

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About Space Shark Studios

We make serious and traditional games with a focus on stealth learning, player agency, and, above all, enjoyment.

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Auteur Credits

Sean Lander
Creative Director, Lead Designer/Developer, Voice Actor

Olivia Ivanov
Designer/Developer, Writer, Voice Actor

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