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"Life was easy before the tires came." Scavenge and thrive using everything the junk yard can provide. Just watch out for the old cellphones, 'cause they don't go down easy.

WasteCraft arose from the question "can you actually make waste management fun?" From games about swiping trash into the correct bucket to...games about swiping trash into the correct bucket, the answer looked to be "not really." With a challenge like that, who were we to pass it up!WasteCraft is made possible thanks to the fine folks at the City of Columbia Waste Management Division and their small project grants.

Funded By
Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District
Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Release Date: April 1, 2018

Project Yaga
In Development - Brave Toad Studio

Currently unannounced project by Brave Toad Studio. The game formerly known as Cosmic Jam Battle. Be ready for more info coming soon.

Release Date: When it's done

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We have worked hard to build the skills and network necessary to deliver solid projects for academic teams looking to create educational games, and specialize in project planning and coordination, design, implementation, and analytics.

We understand the needs of grant-funded projects as it pertains to student funding, and are adept at remote project managment, so your students can get funded while participating in the game development process.

About Space Shark Studios

Space Shark Studios is based out of Columbia, MO., and is a project of passion and love for games and their power. Whether the game is for education or entertainment, we stick by idea that games must be engaging and enjoyable.

We try and hire and promote locally, striving to hire students in order to train and prepare them for jobs in the games, software, and entertainment industries. For those students who wish to keep their independence, we try to help fund and promote student-led projects, as well, giving them support in project planning, marketing, networking, and financial aide as necessary.